1.ab- = negative

   abnormal [æb`nɔrm!] (adj.) not usual or typical, especially in a way that is worrying or that shows there may be something wrong or harmful

   EX. An abnormal amount of snow fell here last week.

   abuse [ə`bjuz](v.) to put to a wrong or improper use

   EX. He abused his power while in office.

2. -tive= (n.)

    alternative[ɔl`tɝnətɪv] (n.) something that you can choose instead of something else

    EX. There was no alternative but to close the road until February.

    objective [əb`dʒɛktɪv] (n.) something that you plan to achieve, especially in business or work

    EX. The team has been successful in achieving challenging pbjectives.

    adjective [`ædʒɪktɪv](n.) a word used for describing a noun or pronoun

    EX. The word “big” in “ a big house” is an adjective.

3.ex- = exit

   exclude[ɪk`sklud](v.) to deliberately not include something

   EX. These costs have been excluded from our calculation.

   exhale[ɛks`el](v.) to breathe air out through your mouth or nose

   EX. He exhale a billow of cigar smoke.

   external[ɪk`tɝnəl] (adj.) coming from outside a place or organization

   EX. They did it in response to external pressures.

4. anthro-= human

    anthropomorphic[͵ænθrəpə`mɔrfɪk] (adj.) considering something such as a god, animal, or object as having human features or qualities

    philanthrope[fɪ `lænθrəpɪ](n.) the belief you should help people, especially by giving money to those who need it

    misanthrope [`mɪzən͵θrop] (n.) someone who dislikes people and avoids social situatons

5. -ly=(adj.)

    friendly . lovely . deadly . elderly

6. 轉

   change:fundamental but not precise

   alter( ← → )

   EX. alternative

   rotate(◎) to move in a circle around a fixed central point, or to move something in this way

   EX. The earth rotates 360 degrees every 24 hours.

   shift(┴┴┴) to exchange for or replace by another

   EX. They shifted him to a different department.

   switch(↑↓) to change from one thing to another, or to make something do this; on and off

   EX.Could you switch? ( 換位子 )

7. I think, therefore I am. ( 我思故我在 )


  ← 口 →

  減     加

  X: 10

  L: 50

  C: 100

  D: 500

  M: 1000




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