1.ex- = beyond

   exceed(v.) to be greater than a number or amount

   EX. Wind speeds exceeded 90 miles per hour.

   (v.) to go above an official limit

   EX. tough penalties for drivers who exceed the speed limit

   exhausted(adj.) extremely tired and without enough energy to do anything else

   EX.The exhausted skiers are looking forward to a good night's sleep.

   (adj.)empty or finished, because a supply of something has all been used

   EX.Fuel supplies are nearly exhausted.

   extremely(adv.) very used for emphasizing an adjective or adverb

   EX. He knows the area extremely well.

2.mis- = wrong

   misfire(v.) an occasion when a gun or an engine does not work in the right way

   (v.) a plan or activity that does not develop as you wanted

   misunderstanding(n.) a failure to understand someone or something correctly

   EX. There's been a misunderstanding: Mr. Jones didn't expect you until tomorrow

   EX. Your comments indicate a serious misunderstanding of the situation.

   (n.) an argument that is not very serious

   EX. We had a little misunderstanding yesterday.

   mistake(n.) something that you have not done correctly, or something you say or think that is not correct

   EX. Don't worry, it's an easy mistake to make.

   correct a mistake

   EX. It's much easier to correct mistakes at an early stage.

   admit a mistake

   EX. I wish you'd admitted tour mistake earlier.

   learn from your mistakes

   EX. to understand what you did wrong and make sure you do not do it again

   make the mistake of doing sth

   EX. I made the mistake of inviting Jennifer to the party.

   by mistake= by accident

   EX. I'm sorry, I opened one of your letters by mistake.

   make no mistake (spoken) used for emphasizing that you mean what you are saying

   EX. I'll go to the police next time, make no mistake about it.

3. en= put into

    endanger(v.) to put someone or something into a situation where they might be harmed

    EX. The hospital is accused of endangering patients' lives.

    EX. new tensions that could endanger the peace process

    enlarge(v.) to make something bigger

    EX. I sent the photos back to the lab to be enlarged.

    EX. The company has built an additional factory to enlarge its operations.

    deepen(v.) if a bad situation deepens, it becomes worse

    EX. The economic crisis has deepened.

    (v.) if a feeling or relationship deepens, or something deepens it , it becomes stronger

    EX. His anxiety deepened when he heard the news.

    (v.) if someone's knowledge or understanding deepens, or something deepens it, they know or understand more

    EX. I'm trying to deepen my understanding of local history.

    (v.) if a mystery deepens, or something deepens it, it becomes more complicated and difficult to understand

    (v.) if a sound deepens, or someone deepens it, it becomes lower

    EX. The man suddenly deepened his voice.

4.multi-= many

   multiple(adj.) involving or consisting of many people, things, or parts

   EX. Words can have multiple meanings.

  (n.) a number that you can divide by a smaller number an exact number of times

   multiply(v.) to increase by a large amount

   EX. Within the last 10 years, both sales and profits have multiplied.

   (v.) to increase in number by producing new animals, plants, bacteria etc

   Ex. Even a slight increase in temperature will cause bacteria to multiply very rapidly.

   multimedia(adj.) using video, sound, and other methods of communication in computers

   EX. multimedia products/ companies/ services

5. What's the occasion? ( 如此盛裝打扮是要去哪? )




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