I guess we'll never be able to quell those persistent rumors about the invention of auto tires that will never wear out, stockings that cannot tear.

1. wear out ( phrasal vb ) to use something a lot so that it no longer works, or can no longer be used

    Example: The children have all worn out their shoes.

    ( phrasal vb ) to make someone feel very tired

    Example: She was worn out from looking after her elderly mother.

    Example: You need a holiday or you'll wear yourself out.

    ( phrasal vb ) to make a hole or mark in something by using or rubbing it a lot

    Example: He'd long since worn out the knees in his old jeans. 他早就把就牛仔褲的膝蓋磨出了洞。

2. stocking (n.) a piece of clothing worn on a woman's foot and leg, held up by suspenders

    Example: a pair of black stockings

A voluble economist informed me that such products will never be marketed.

3. voluble  [ˋvɑljub!] (adj.) [ formal ] someone who is voluble talks a lot

    (adj.) voluble speech is quick and continuous

    volubility (n.), volubly (adv.)

I am dubious about the existence of those perfect products, but then I'm form Missouri.

4. dubious  [ˋdjubɪəs] (adj.) not completely good, safe, or honest

    Example: He had a dubious reputation in the business.

    Example: The story seemed a bit dubious to me.

    (adj.) not sure about the truth or quality of something, or whether you should do something +about

    Example: I'm very dubious about his ability to do the job.

    Example: We were dubious about signing the deal.

    (adj.) use for saying that something is the opposite of the good thing you are describing it as

    a dubious honour/ pleasure/ distinction

    Example: I had the dubious pleasure of meeting him last night. 我昨天晚上遇見他真倒楣。

    dubiously (adv.), dubiousness (n.)

5. I'm from Missouri─a skeptic, one who is not easily convinced

    Example: You might swallow his promises, but I'm from Missouri.

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