He sprang from his stool and charged across the ring, showing disdain for the champion's strength.

1. stool (n.) a seat that has legs but no support for your back or arms

    Example: a bar/ piano stool

    fall between two stools to fail because of not definitely being either one thing or another

2. disdain (n.) the feeling that someone or something is not important and does not deserve any respect

    disdain (v.), disdainful (adj.)

Although this belligerent attitude impressed the referee, it failed to intimidate the champ.

3. belligerent [bəˋlɪdʒərənt] (adj.) very unfriendly and angry

    Example: belligerent behaviour

    belligerence (n.), belligerently (adv.)

4. intimidate [ɪnˋtɪmə͵det] (v.) to deliberately make someone feel frightened especially so that they will do what you want

    Example: The report said he used harassment and threats to intimidate television journalists.

    (v.) to frighten someone or make them feel nervous

    Example: Adult courtrooms will inevitably intimidate young children.

    intimidation (n.)

    intimidated (adj.) [ never before noun ] feeling nervous or frightened of someone or something

    Example: Children cannot learn if they feel intimidated.

    intimidating (adj.) making you feel nervous, frightened, or less confident

    Example: We certainly weren't friends with our teachers ─ we found them very intimidating.

    Example: the intimidating presence of my step-father

That intrepid battler laid the hapless Mullins low with an adroit feint and an uppercut.

5. feint (n.) a movement that you pretend to make, especially to trick an opponent in a sport or fight


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