A few people lingered round and praised her playing, but finding that she made no reply, dispersed to their rooms to write up thieir diaries or to sleep.

1. linger  [ˋlɪŋgɚ] (v.) to stay somewhere longer or spend longer doing something than necessary for your own enjoyment or benefit

    Example: Many students lingered after class.

    Example: I like to linger over breakfast and read the newspaper.

    Example: She let her eyes linger on him.

    Example: The smell of fish lingered in the kitchen.

    linger in the mind/ memory

    Example: His face lingered in her memory.

    lingering (adj.) lasting for a long time, especially when this is unpleasant or not necessary

    Example: lingering doubts/ fears

2. disperse  [dɪˋspɝs] (v.) if a crowd of people disperses, or someone disperses it, the people separate and go in different directions

    Example: Soldiers fired tear gas to disperse the crowds.

    (v.) to spread or make things spread in different directions over a wide area

    Example: Birds disperse a large proportion of the seeds.

    dispersion (n.) the process of dispersing something

She opened the window to inspect, and a cold blast entered the room, drawing a plaintive cry from Miss Catharine Alan, who entered at the same moment by the door.

3. blast (n.) a strong current of air, wind, heat etc

    Example: A blast of cold air hit them as they opened the door.

    (n.) [ mainly journalism ] an explosion, especially one caused by a bomb

    Example: The force of the blast threw bodies into the air.

    (n.) a sudden short loud sound, especially on a musical instrument, a car horn, or a whistle

    Example: There was a sudden blast of music as the car sped by.

    (n.) [ usually singular ] a piece of strong criticism

    Example: The press responded to his remarks with a blast of criticism.

    (n.) a sudden strong attack by a team or player, in which goals or points are scored

    full blast as loudly or with as much power as possible

    Example: They had their music going full blast.

    (v.) to damage or destroy something with a bomb or gun

    Example: They had to blast their way through the mountainside to build the tunnel.

    (v.) to hit something with a lot of energy or force

    Example: Rain blasted through the windows.

    (v.) if music blasts, or it is blasted, it plays very loudly

    (v.) to make a loud sound with a car horn

    Example: He was an impatient driver and kept blasting his horn.

    (v.) to criticize someone very strongly

    (v.) to kick or hit a ball very hard

4. plaintive  [ˋplentɪv] (adj.) a plaintive sound is high and sad

    Example: a plaintive melody/ cry

    plaintively (adv.)

In her heart also there are springing up strange desires. 

5. spring up ( phrasal vb ) to appear or be produced suddenly and quickly

    Example: In southern California new Internet companies were springing up every day.


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