In order to cut down on waste and to create more energy, sewage will be used to create methane gas that can be used for cooking.

1. cut down ( phrasal vb ) cut down sth to reduce an amount of something

    Example: How can you cut down the risk of the cancer?

    Example: These improvements will cut down on traffic noise.

    cut down or cut back  to start doing less of something, especially because it is bad for your health

    Example: The doctor advised him to cut down his working hours.

    Example: I'm trying to cut down on salt.

In sustainable cities, most journeys will create no air pollution. People will be encouraged to walk and cycle as much as possible, so there will be pleasant tree-lined walkways that do not cross any roads. The cities will have environmentally friendly public transportation systems like trams, metro systems and monorails that are electric powered.

2. sustainable (adj.) capable of continuing for a long time at the same level─ opposite: unsustainable

    Example: sustainable economic growth

    (adj.) using methods that do not harm the environment

    Example: sustainable agriculture

    sustainability (n.)

3. environmentally friendly (adj.) designed not to harm the natural environment

Governments will also provide cheaper housing, so that poorer people can afford decent places to live.

4. decent (adj.) good or good enough

    Example: Are there any decent restaurants around here?

    (adj.) behaving towards other people in an honest, fair, and nice way

    Example: It was decent of David to offer to pay.

    (adj.) considered by most people to be moral, good, or reasonable

    Example: It's not decent to get married again so soon after your husband has died.

    Example: After such rudeness, the chairman should do the decent thing and apologize publicly.

    (adj.) [ old-fashioned ] [ informal ] wearing enough clothes to not be embarrassed to let other people see you

    Example: Don't look ─I'm not decent yet!

    decency (n.)

Many established world cities are successfully incorporating some of the sustainable city ideas as they develop.

5. incorporate (v.) to add or include something as a part of something else, for example as a part of an arrangement or a document: include

    incorporate sth into/ in sth

    Example: The Govenment incorporated this principle into the 1977 law.

    (v.) to include something as a part or as a qualitiy

    Example: The course incorporates a strong German language element.

    Example: Our electrical equipment incorporates all the latest safety features.

    (v.) [ business ] to form a corporation ( = a company that can raise money by selling shares )

    incorporation (n.)

    incorporated (adj.) [ business ] an incorporated company has the legal status of a corporation

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