“Sure, the Yankees won their opening game, but one swallow does not make a summer.”

1. one swallow doesn't make a summer─ don't jump to conclusions based on incomplete evidence

But the officials could not allow Ron and Len to flout their authority with impunity.

2. flout [flaʊt] to deliberately refuse to obey a rule or custom: show contempt, scoff

    Example: Skateboarders know they will be prosecuted if they flout the law.

Following an executive session, the school board ordered the principal to terminate the suspension and to send the boys back to class forthwith.

3. session (n.) part of a period of time during which a class or meeting takes place

    Example: Shakespeare was discussed during the morning session.

    (n.) a formal meeting of an institution such as a parliament or a court of law

    Example: an emergency session of an the UN Security Council

    (n.) a period of time used for a particular activity

    Example: A question-and-answer session will be held after the lecture.

4. board (n.) a group of people who have the responsibility of managing important business or government activities

    school board 學校董事會

    Example: The local school board is trying to raise teacher's salaries.

    (n.) the most important people in a company, who make decisions about the way that the company is managed

    Example: He sits on the board of several companies.

    chairman of the board

    Example: Fred's father is chairman of the board.

    (n.) meals provided for you when you stay at a hotel, live at another person's house etc

    board and lodging

    Example: She gets $70 a week plus board and lodging( = a place to stay and meals ).

Just as things were about to revert to normalcy, however, the same French teacher then demanded that a girl be ousted from school for wearing a mini skirt.

5. oust [aʊst] (v.) to remove someone form a position of power, especially in order to take that position

    Example: The president was ousted in a coup last year.

    oust sb from sth

    Example: The committee wanted to oust him from the union. 



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