George Orwell's 1984 depicts a frightening, monolithic government.

1. depict  [dɪˋpɪkt] (v.) to describe someone or something using words or pictures: portray

    Example: A television drama depicting the life of a modern student.

    Example: He was depicted as a hero who died for his beliefs.

    depiction (n.) a depiction of something using words or pictures

On a whim, she decided to go away for the weekend.

2. whim  [hwɪm] (n.) a sudden feeling that you must have or do something. This word often suggests that what someone wants is not important.

    Example: A devoted secretary catered to his every whim. 忠實的秘書總是順著他,滿足他的隨性。

    at sb's whim

    Example: Prisoners were executed at the captain's whim. 戰俘們被隊長隨心所欲地處死。

Public opinion had been marshaled against them.

3. marshal  [ˋmɑrʃəl] (v.) to bring people or things together and organize them so that they can be used in an effective way

    Example: Western powers are marshalling their military resources.

    Example: The government hopes to marshal support for the ban.

    (v.) to organize information or ideas, especially in order to make an argument

    Example: his ability to marshal facts

    (n.) an officer of very high rank in an army or air force

No longer was it a simple case of disciplining two wayward lads.

4. wayward (adj.) a wayward child or someone with wayward behaviour is difficult to control and does unexpected things 難以管教的;任性的

    (adj.) not organized or controlled in the right way

    Example: wayward thoughts

5. lad  [læd] (n.) [ informal ] a boy or a young man

    Example: Sam is a really nice lad.

    (n.) a man who does things thought to be typical of young men, for example drinking a lot of alcohol and being very sexually active

    Example: He used to be a real lad, but he's settled down a bit since he got married.

    the lads a group of men who work together, spend time together, or play in the same sports team

    Example: Her husband usually goes out with the lads on a Friday.

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