Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill, a famous physicist from Princeton University, has said that in the future we will have satellites in space to produce solar energy and send it to the Earth.

1. satellite  [ˋsæt!͵aɪt] (n.) an object that is sent into space to travel round the Earth in order to receive and send information

    Example: France was the third country to launch an artificial satellite.

    via satellite ( = by satellite )

    Example: We have pictures of the disaster live via satellite.

    (n.) a natural object such as a moon that moves around a planet

    (n.) something that is controlled by a larger thing or depends on a larger thing but is separate from it

    Example: She must be working from home or in a satellite office.

Then, in 2007, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai overtook Taipei 101 when its 141st floor was completed.

2. overtake (v.) to go past a particular limit

    Example: Sales look like overtaking last year's total.

    (v.) to go past another vehicle that is travelling in the same direction

    Example: That's a dangerous place to overtake.

    (v.) to become better than another person

    Example: The women students seem to be overtaking the men.

Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator and first showed it to the general public in 1853.

3. general public (n.) ordinary people in society, rather than people who are considered to be important or who belong to a particular group: can be followed by a singular or plural verb

    Example: The meeting is not open to the general public.

    Example: I would not be able to work in a shop because I hate dealing with the general public.

In addition, they wanted to make the buildings as beautiful as possible.

4. in addition  used for adding an extra piece of information to what has already been said or written

    Example: People gain valuable work experience and, in addition, employers can afford to employ them.

    in addition to sth  used for saying that something extra exists or is happening together with the thing that you are talking about

    Example: In addition to the twins, Jason has another child by his first wife.

    Example: Metal beams are used to build bridges in addition to skyscrapers.

Because of this, many of the migrants are forced to live in temporary squats and shanty towns, made of whatever materials the people can find.

5. shanty town (n.) an area where very poor people live in shanties

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