Our lackluster performance indicated to him that we had forgotten the rudimentary aspects of basketball.

1. lackluster (adj.) not lively, exciting, or impressive

    Example: The coach criticized his team's lackluster performance.

His caustic remarks fired us up, however, and we dashed out, determined to wrest control of the game from our rivals.

2. caustic (adj.) expressing severe criticism of someone, often in a funny or clever way

Eddie's technique was to jostle a victim toward a confederate who would then slip the man's wallet out of his back pocket while Eddie was stammering an apology to the confused dupe.

3. confederate (n.) someone who works with you to achieve something, often something secret or illegal 

4. stammer (v.) to keep repeating a sound and have difficulty in saying certain words because of a speech problem, nervousness, excitement etc

    Example: Nina, blushing with embarrassment, began to stammer.

    stammer out    to say something while stammering

    Example: The boy managed to stammer out a description of his attacker.

    stammer (n.) [ singular ] a speech problem that makes you repeat a sound several times when you try to say certain words

    Example: an insecure young man with a slight stammer

The wealthy dupe consented to buy the often-sold Brooklyn Bridge.

5. consent (v.) to give approval for something  +to

    Example: The child's parents would not consent to the treatment.

    (v.) to agree to do something

    consent to do sth

    Example: He consented to answer their question.

    consent (n.) permission to do something

    with/ without sb's consent

    Example: He entered the building without the owner's consent.

    Example: You cannot go on school trips without the written consent of your parents.

    give consent

    Example: The planning authority had previously given consent to the development.

    by common/ mutual consent   with the agreement of everyone involved

    Example: The contract was ended by mutual consent.

    consent form (n.) a document that someone signs to show that they will allow something to happen

    consenting adult (n.) someone who is legally old enough and is willing to take part in an activity, especially a sexual activity


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