1. semi- = half

    semifinal (n.) one of the two games that are played immediately before the last game in a sports competition. The two people or teams who win the semifinals play each other in the last game, called the final, to decide who wins the competition.

    semiconductor (n.) a substance that allows some electricity to pass through it, used for making electronic equipment such as computers

    semi-conscious (adj.) someone who is semi-conscious is only partly conscious and not fully awake

    Example: A neighbor found her semi-conscious on the floor.

2. tele- = far


    teleshopping (n.) the practice of selling goods through special television program

    televise (v.) to broadcast something on television

    Example: a televised debate/ interview

3. -vert = to turn

    revert (v.) to return to a previous state or way of behaving, often one that is not good

    Example: If you revert to your old eating habits, you'll gain weight again.

    Example: The house reverted to its former state of disrepair.

    (v.) to start talking about something that you were talking about earlier

    Example: Sensing her uneasiness, Joseph reverted to their discussion about the weather.

    revert to type to start behaving in your normal way again after appearing to change

    Example: Once he's had a girlfriend for a week or two, he reverts to type and starts chasing other girls.

    convert (v.) to change from one system, use, or method to another, or to make something do this

    Example: You have to convert the temperature readings from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

    introvert (n.) someone who tends to concentrate on their own thoughtsand feelings rather than communicating with other people 

    introverted (adj.) a little shy and tending to concentrate on your own thoughts and feelings

    Example: He became introverted and depressed.

Rip= Rest in peace

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