This afternoon she was peculiarly restive.

1. peculiar  [pɪˋkjuljɚ] (adj.) strange, often in a unpleasant way

    Example: a peculiar smell

    (adj.) especially true or typical of a particular person, thing, or situation: particular

    Example: Each person's handwriting has its own peculiar chracteristics.

    peculiarity [pɪ͵kjulɪˋærətɪ] (n.) a quality or feature that belongs to a particular person, thing, or situation

    Example: You have to live in the city and understand its peculiarities before you can really appreciate its charms.

    (n.) something strange in the way a person or animal behaves, or in their appearance

    Example: Have you noticed any peculiarities in his behavior recently?

    peculiarly (adv.) in a stange or unusual way

    Example: He's been behaving very peculiarly lately.

    Example: The children were peculiarly quiet.

    (adv.) in a way that is true or typical of a particular person, thing, or situation

    Example: a peculiarly British attitude

2. restive  [ˋrɛstɪv] (adj.) someone who is restive is not willing or able to keep still or be patient and is becoming difficult to control, especially because they are bored or dissatisfied

〝Nothing ever happens to me,〞 she reflected, as she entered the Piazza Signoria and looked nonchalantly at its marvels, now fairly familiar to her.

3. nonchalant [ˋnɑnʃələnt] (adj.) relaxed and not worried about anything

    nonchalance (n.), nonchalantly (adv.)

She spoke of the Italian character, she became almost garrulous over the incident that had made her faint five minutes before.

4. garrulous  [ˋgærələs] (adj.) a garrulous person talks a lot

    garrulously (adv.)

5. faint (v.) to suddenly become unconscious for a short time, and usually fall to the ground

    Example: Many people in the crowd fainted in the heat.

    (n.) a short time during which someone is unconscious, after having fainted

    (adj.) a faint smell, sight, sound, or taste is not strong or clear

    Example: He could see the faint glow of a lamp through the curtains.

    (adj.) used about memories and feelings

    Example: Her memories of her father were very faint.

    (adj.) a faint hope or possibility is very slight

    Example: He looked around the room in the faint hope that Sam might suddenly appear.

    (adj.) feeling that you are going to become unconscious

    Example: Dan suddenly felt faint.

    faintness (n.), faintly (adv.)

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