Now, this was abominably impertinent, and she ought to have been furious. But it is sometimes as difficult to lose one's temper as it is difficult at other times to keep it. Lucy could not get across.

1. abominable  [əˋbɑmənəb!] (adj.) [ formal ] extremely bad, offensive, or unpleasant

    abominably (adv.)

    abominate (v.) [ formal ] to hate something because you think it is extremely offensive, unpleasant, or wrong: hate

    abomination (n.)

2. impertinent  [ɪmˋpɝtnənt] (adj.) [ formal ] rude and not showing respect for someone, especially someone older or more senior: cheeky

    Example: I didn't mean to be impertinent.

    Example: impertinent question/ child

    impertinently (adv.), impertinence (n.)

3. cheeky (adj.) behaving in a way that does not show respect, especially towards someone who is older or more important

    Example: You're a cheeky little boy!

    (adj.) showing a lack of respect, but in a way that seems lively and attractive rather than rude

    Example: a cheeky grin/ look

    cheekily (adv.)

    Example: He grinned cheekily and left the room.

    cheekiness (n.)

4. furious  [ˋfjʊərɪəs] (adj.) extremely angry

    Example: Rose was absolutely furious that I'd borrowed her car without asking.

    Example: They were furious at not being invited to the party.

    (adj.) done with a lot of energy and determination

    Example: Harry's speech was greeted by furious applause.

    (adj.) very fast

    furiously (adv.)

    Example: Journalists surrounded her, furiously taking notes.

5. get across ( phrasal vb ) to make people understand something

    Example: He sometimes has trouble getting his meaning across in English.

    Example: I was trying to get across how much I admired them.

    get sth across to sb

    Example: What message are you trying to get across to the customer?

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