1. gen = birth; begin

    engender (v.) [ formal ] to cause a feeling or attitude to exist

    Example: His handling of the problem engendered respect from all his fellow workers.

2. uti- = to use

    utilize (v.) [ formal ] to use something

    Example: This room is mainly utilized for training purposes.

    Example: What criteria do you utilize in selecting employees?

    utilization (n.)

    utility (n.) [ formal ] the state of being useful: usefulness

    Example: Tests have proved the utility of this material.

    (n.) [ usually plural ] a public service such as gas, water, or electricity that is used by everyone

    Example: Does utilities included in the rent?

    utilitarian  [͵jutɪləˋtɛrɪən] (adj.) designed to be useful rather than attractive

    Example: utilitarian funiture

    (adj.) utilitarian attitudes or principles are based on the belief that something is morally right if it helps a majority of people

    utilitarianism  [͵jʊtɪləˋtɛrɪənɪzm] (n.) the belief that something is morally right if it helps a majority of people

3. arch = order; chief; ruler

    anarchic  [ænˋɑrkɪk] (adj.) behaving in a way that ignores the normal rules or limits of your society or group, especially when this causes trouble

    anarchism  [ˋænɚ͵kɪzəm]  (n.) the political belief that there should be no government or laws

    anarchist  [ˋænɚ͵kɪst] (n.) someone who believes that there should be no government or laws

    anarchy  [ˋænɚkɪ] (n.) a situation in which people are behaving in a way that ignores normal rules and laws, and are unable to be controlled

    (n.) a situation in which there is no government or no social control in a country

    architect (n.) someone whose job is to design building

    oligarchy  [ˋɑlɪ͵gɑrkɪ] (n.) a country governed by a small group of people. Someone in this group is called an oligarch.

    oligarchic (adj.)

general public 一般大眾

unemployment rate 失業率

The Great Depression 經濟大蕭條


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