According to its sponsors, the pill will nourish and safety.

1. nourish  [ˋnʌriʃ] (v.) to give a person, animal,or plant the food and care they need to live, grow, and be healthy

    Example: healthy well-nourished children

    (v.) to support or encourage the development of an idea, feeling, ability etc

    Example: The school's aim is to nourish young musical talent.

    nourishing (adj.) providing the food needed to live, grow, and be healthy

    nourishment (n.) food or the substances in food that are necessary for life, growth, and health

    Example: The refugees had taken no nourishment for 24 hours.

    (n.) something that encourages the development of ideas, feelings, abilities etc

    Example: spiritual nourishment

I hate to disparage such a laudable achievement, but to me it seems like a most objectionable discovery.

2. disparage  [dɪˋspærɪdʒ] (v.) to say unpleasant things about someone or something that show you have no respect for them

    disparaging (adj.) showing that you have no respect for someone or something

    Example: disparaging comments

    disparagement (n.)

3. objectionable (adj.) unpleasant and offensive

    Example: It's his attitude that I find particularly objectionable.

    objectionably (adv.)

Rather than a scientific triumph, I'd be inclined to label it as an egregious blunder, a scientific disaster, a laboratory fiaso.

4. blunder  [ˋblʌndɚ] (n.) a careless or embarrassing mistake

    Example: Officials were accused of making a huge administrative blunder.

    (v.) to make a careless or embarrassing mistake

     Example: Government agents had blundered again and arrested the wrong man.

    (v.) to move or progress in a careless way, making mistakes or creating problems as you go: + about/ around/ into

     Example: Someone was blundering about in the darkness.

     blundering (adj.) [ only before noun ] extremely careless or stupid

     Example: He's such a blundering idiot!

Is there anyone in his right mind who thinks that a pill can replace the pleasures of devouring hot corn bread, masticating on a thick steak, biting into crisp french fries, or attacking a chocolate sundae?

5. devour  [dɪˋvaʊr] (v.) to eat something very fast because you are hungry

    (v.) to read, watch, or listen to something with a lot of interest or enthusiasm

    Example: He was already devouring detective fiction as a young child.

    (v.) if you are devoured by a feeling, you feel it very strongly and cannot get rid of it

    Example: Chris was devoured by curiousity.

    (v.) to destroy something completely

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