Since literature reflects life, we can expect to find similar instances in which a person's ethics are compromised, and he falls prey to the pernicious evil that he had publicly denounced.

1. instance (n.) an example of something happening

    Example: I have not found a single instance where someone was actually denied their right to vote.

    for instance for example

    Example: You may have questions which you wish to raise. For instance, who will oversee your work and how will feedback to given? 你們可能有問題想問,比如說,誰來監督你們的工作以及如何傳達反饋意見?

2. compromise (v.) to solve a problem or end an argument by accepting that you cannot have everything that you want

    Example: We simply cannot compromise on the question of human rights.

    (v.) to risk harming or losing something important

    Example: We cannot compromise the safety of our workers.

    (v.) to behave in a way that is not honest by not doing the things that you previously believed in or tried to achieve

    Example: Traditional supporters are accusing the party of compromising its principles.

    compromise yourself/ your position to do something to make people think they cannot trust you

    (n.) a way of solving a problem or ending argument in which both people or groups accept that they cannot have everything they want

    Example: This deal is the ideal compromise between your needs and their demands.

    Example: a compromise solution/ agreement/ settlement

    reach/ arrive at/ come to a compromise

    Example: Both sides have agreed to meet, in the hope of reaching a compromise.

    make a compromise

    Example: Neither of them is willing to make a compromise.

3. prey (n.) an animal that is caught by another animal and eaten

    Example: Spiders usually catch animal and their prey by building webs.

    (n.) someone that a criminal or dishonest person attacks, cheats, or harms: victim

    easy prey

    Example: Homeless children were easy prey for drug dealers and pimps in the capital.

    fall/ be/ become prey to to be attacked, cheated, or harmed by someone bad

    Example: The refugees fell prey to criminal gangs.

4. denounce (v.) to criticize someone or something severely in public

    Example: American trade policies have been denounced by some European government.

    denounce sb/ sth as 

    Example: Some groups have denounced Bush's decision as ill-judged.

    (v.) to tell an authority such as the police that a particular person is responsible for a crime

    denounce sb to sb

    Example: It was his own brother who denounced him to the secret police.

As fate would have it, Vernon's own son smashed into several cars, injuring four people seriously, and then failed a sobriety test.

5. smash into ( phrasal vb ) to hit something very hard while moving fast, causing injury or damage

    Example: His car smashed into a tree.


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