In order to protect the environment and give workers fair pay, a campaign for “slow clothes” has started in Europe and America.

1. campaign (n.) a series of actions intended to produce political or social change

    Example: Local people have launched a campaign against the hospital's closure.

    campaign to do sth

    Example: There's been a campaign by local fishermen to ban imported cod.

    (n.) a series of things that a politicians or political party does to try to win an election

    Example: It is alleged that the party used illegal methods to finance its campaign.

    (n.) a series of things such as television advertisements and posters that try to persuade people to buy a product

    Example: The campaign boosted sales of the jeans by 200%.

    Examplel: an advertising/ publicity/ marketing campaign

    (v.) to try to achieve political or social change by persuading other people or the government to do something

    Example: She has been campaigning for stranger anti-polution laws.

    Example: They actively campaigned to save their local cinema.

    (v.) to try to win an election

    Example: The party has been canpaigning hard in the North.

Write proper prepositions in the blanks based on the text.

2. preposition (n.) [ linguistics ] a word that usually comes before a noun or a pronoun and shows its relation to another part of the sentence

    prepositional (adj.)

    prepositional phrase (n.) [ linguistics ] a phrase consisting of a preposition and the noun or pronoun that comes after it, for example ‘in the car’ or ‘near her’

Today, most of the world's commercial energy comes from three nonrenewable energy resources─petroleum, natural gas, and coal.

3. nonrenewable (adj.) nonrenewable types of energy exist in limited amounts, and when there are all used there will be none left

    Example: Should we continue to consume vast quantities of nonrenewable fossil fuels?

    (adj.) a nonrenewable contract is one that cannot be made longer

    Example: This will be a fixed term, nonrenewable appointment for three years.

In many countries, divorces rates stabilized in the 1980s but th number of single-parent families continued to increase.

4. stabilize (v.) to reach a state where there are no longer any major changes or problems

    Example: Oil prices have stabilized for now.

    (v.) to make something stabilize

    Example: renewed efforts to stabilize the economy

    (v.) to reach a point where a medical condition is not likely to suddenly become worse, or to make someone reach this point

    Example: We have to stabilize her before she can be moved.

    stabilization (n.)

Mr.Dorsey, our new principal, determined to do something about the flagrant cheating at our high school.

5. flagrant (adj.) done in an obvious way that shows you do not care if you break rules or offend people

    Example: a flagrant disregard for the law

    Example: Parking in front of a hydrant is a flagrant violation of the city's law. 

    flagrantly (adv.)

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