They objected to his coarse language.

1. coarse (adj.) feeling rough and hard

    Example: a jacket make from coarse grey cloth

    (adj.) cosisting of large or thick pieces

    (adj.) rude and offensive

    coarsely (adv.)

    coarsen (v.) to become rough and hard ot to make something become rough and hard

    (v.) to become larger and thicker or the make something become larger and thicker

    (v.) to make someone or something less polite or less sensitive

    Example: The years spent in the army had coarsened his manners.

    coarseness (n.) coarse language or behaviour

Are you trying to mock me?

2. mock (v.) to make someone or something lood stupid by laughing at them, copying them, or saying something that is not kind

    Example: ‘Haven't you finished yet?’ he mocked.

    (adj.) [ only before noun ] not real but intended to look or seem real

    Example: mock guns and knives

    Example: Each year they stage a mock battle to entertain tourists.

    (adj.) a mock feeling is one that you pretend you have, usually as a joke

    Example: He shook his head in mock disapproval.

    Example: a mock test, interview etc is one that you do in order to practice for a real one

    (n.) an examination you take for practice before an important examination

His job is to represent the views of the majority.

3. majority (n.) [ singular ] most of the people or things in a group: can be followed by a singular or plural verb

    Example: The majority of our employees are women.

    the vast majority ( = nearly everyone/ everything )

    Example: The vast majority had never travelled outside the United States.

    be in the majority

    Example: Young women are in the majority in the fashion industry.

    the majority opinion/ view

    Example: The majority view is that the bombing campaign is justified.

    (n.) the number of votes by which a person or party wins an election

    an overall majority ( = more votes than all your opponents together )

    Example: Reynolds won with an overall majority of 60 percent.

Citizen groups, appalled by the candidates' mudslining, have sought to do something about the situation.

4. appal (v.) to shock or offend someone very much

    Example: The scale of the destrution appalled us.

    appalled (adj.) offended or shocked very much by something, because it is extremely unpleasant or bad

    Example: I was appalled by his arrogant attitude.

    Example: I'm appalled that a doctor could make a remark like that.

    appalled to see/ hear/ find/ discover etc

    Example: She appalled to hear that her husband had been arrested.

    appalling (adj.) very unpleasant and shocking

    Example: The conditons in the camps were absolutely appalling.

    (adj.) very bad or disappointing

    Example: The jokes were absolutely appalling.

    apallingly (adv.)

Committees have been formed in a number of states to study ways to elevate the tone of the process, reduce the emotionalism, and eliminate the frenzy of name calling that is gernerated as election day draws near.

5. eliminate (v.) to get rid of something that is not wanted or needed

    Example: Many infections diseases have been virtually eliminated.

    eliminate sth from sth

    Example: He has had to eliminate dairy products from his diet.

    (v.) to decide that someone or something is not responsible for something

    Example: We've eliminated the possibility that someone started the fire deliberately.

    eliminate sb from your inquiries ( = believe they are innocent )

    Example: Police who interviewed the man are eliminating him from their inquiries.

    (v.) [ usually passive ] to remove someone from competition or election

    Example: Half of the candidates were eliminated after the first round of interviews.




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