crucial moment 關鍵時刻

1. chron- = time

    chronic (adj.) a chronic illness or pain is serious and lasts for a long time

    Example: chronic back pain

    (adj.) a chronic problem is always happening or returning and is very difficult to solve

    Example: a chronic shortage of food/ money/ resources

    (adj.)[ usually before noun ] doing something again and again, especially something harmful that you are unable or unwilling to stop doing

    synchronize [ˋsɪŋkrənaɪz](v.) to make two or more things happen or move at the same time or speed

    Example: The synchronized explosions brought chaos to the city centre.

    synchronize sth with sth

    Example: An editing unit is used to synchronize sound with images.

    chronicle (n.) a record of events that happened in the past, in the order in which they happened

    Example: a detailed chronicle of the Ming dynasty

2. se- = apart from

    segregate (v.) to separate groups of people or things, especially because of race, sex, or region

    Example: The army has decided not to segregate men and women during training.

    seclude (v.) [ formal ] to keep someone apart from other people

    separate (v.)


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