When the teenager announced her engagement to the octogenarian, the public suspected it to be a publicity stunt.

1. stunt (n.) something silly or unusual that is done to get public attention

    (n.) something dangerous, for example jumping from a building, that is done to entertain people, often as part of a film

    Example: stunt flying/ driving/ fighting

    Example: After racing professionally, he did some stunt driving for films.

    (n.) something dangerous or stupid that you do, often to impress someone

    Example: Don't ever pull that stunt again!

    (v.) stunt sb's/ sth's growth to stop someone or something from growing

    Example: Poor diet can stunt a child's growth.

    stunt double (n.) a stunt man or woman who works with a particular actor or actress in a film

    stunted (adj.) unable or not allowed to grow to normal size

    Example: stunted crops/ trees

    (adj.) unable or not allowed to develop or do well

    Example: emotionally stunted adults

    Example: stunted businesses

Once a highly respected aspirant for the lightweight crown, he now found himself associating with the dregs of Skid Row.

2. lightweight (adj.) weighing less than other things of the same type

    Example: Laptop computers are becoming more lightweight.

    (adj.) not serious or important

    Example: a lightweight member of the team

    (n.) someone who is not important or does not have much influence

    Example: a intellectual/ political lightweight

3. skid row (n.) [ informal ] a very poor area of a town where there are a lot of people who drink too much alcohol

He would work himself into an alcoholic frenzy in which he would trumpet scurrilous attacks on the champ, the old manager, and the judge.

4. trumpet [ˋtrʌmpɪt](v.) to announce something publicly in a way that is intended to make it seem very important

5. scurrilous[ˋskɝɪləs](adj.) [ formal ] containing unkind statements about someone that are not true and could spoil that person's reputation

    scurrrilousness (n.), scurrilously (adv.)



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