When my neighbor's dog was run over, we sent a condolence card.

1. run over [ phrasal vb ] to hit someone or something with a vehicle and drive over them

    be/ get run over

    Example: Kelly was run over by a car outside her house.

As a matter of fact, our butcher has stipulated that from now on he wants to be known as a “meat coordinator.”

2. butcher (n.) someone whose job is to sell meat and sometimes also to kill animals for meat

    (n.) someone who has killed someone, often a lot of people, in a cruel and violent way

3. stipulate (v.) to say what is allowed or what is necessary

    Example: The regulations stipulate the maximum number of children allowed in a class.

    Example: The constitution stipulates that a new president must be elected after four years.

    stipulation (n.) something that has been stipulated

    Example: Anyone can apply; the only stipulation is that you must be under 35.

4. coordinator (n.) someone whose job is to organize the various parts of an activity and make sure that all the people involved work well together

    Example: a campaign/ project coordinator

When the bell sounded, K.O. Mullins responded with alacrity.

 5. alacrity  [ə`lækrətɪ] (n.) quickly and with enthusiasm


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