Although the district attorney bristled with anger, the defendant kept insisting that his rights had been violated because he had not been told that he could see a lawyer before confessing.

1. bristle (v.) to be angry or offended about something

    Example: He bristled at the suggestion that he was like his father.

    bristle with sth  (= to have a lot of something )

    Example: The project was bristling with difficulties.

The general attempted to repudiate the testimony of the lieutenant, claiming that the young officer was not an aurthority on low level bombing.

2. testimony (n.) a formal statement about something that you saw, know, or experienced, usually given in a court of law

    Example: eyewitness/ expert testimony

    Example: I was asked to give testimony.

3. lieutenant [luˋtɛnənt] (n.) someone whose job is to help an official of high rank

My cousin refers to himself as a “ sanitary engineer”─a euphemism for garbage collector.

4. sanitary (adj.) relating to people's health, especially to the system of supplying water and dealing with human waste

    Example: Overcrowding has now been added to poor sanitary conditions.

    (adj.) a sanitary process or method is one that keeps things healthy and clean, especially by killing bacteria

    Example: a simple sanitary procedure for dealing with household waste

    sanitation (n.), sanitize (v.)

5. euphemism  [ˋjufəmɪzəm] (n.) a word or expression that people use when they want to talk about something unpleasant or embarrassing without mentioning the thing itself

    Example: Social exclusion seems to be the latest euphemism for poverty.

    euphemistic (adj.), euphemistically (adv.)

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