Unfortunately for the schemers, a vigilant hospital guard spotted Art climbing into the rear of the ambulance and quickly foiled the escape attempt.

1. rear (n.) the part of a place or thing that is at the back

    Example: The main entrance is at the rear.

    Example: the rear of the bus/ house

    (adj.) [ only before noun ] at the back of something

    Example: Keep your front and rear lights in good working order.

    (v.) to look after a child or young animal until it is fully grown

    Example: Most farmers in the area rear sheep.

    (v.) [ literary ] to rise up in height

    be reared on sth ( = to experience a lot of something while you are growing up )

    Example: a generation of children reared on violent computer games

    rear its ( ugly ) head ( = to appear and cause problems )

    Example: Racism once again reared its ugly head during the election campign.

2. foil (v.) to prevent someone from doing something that they are trying to do

    Example: The escape attempt was foiled by wardens firing in the air.

“If there's one thing I loathe,” the coach said, “it's a quitter.”

3. loathe (v.) to dislike someone or something very much

    Example: I loathe having to get out of bed so early on a Saturday.

    Example: She simply loathes her ex-husband.

    loathing (n.) a strong feeling of disliking something or someone very much

    loathsome (adj.) very bad or unpleasant

4. quitter (n.)[ informal ] someone who is likely to stop trying if they have problems or are not successful immediately

He had good reason to reprimand us at half-time, because the scoreboard revealed that we were losing, 45-20.

5. reprimand (v.)  [ˋrɛprə͵mænd] to tell someone officially and in a serious way that something they have done is wrong

    reprimand sb for sth

    Example: He was severely reprimanded for his unsuitable behaviour.

    reprimand (n.)

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