Under the pretext of being a surgeon he gained entry to the hospital.

1. pretext (n.) a reason that you pretend to have in order to hide your real reason or intention

    + for

    Example: The conflict was used as a pretext for introducing military rule.

    on/ under the pretext of doing sth

    Example: He visited her on the pretext of borrowing a book.

    a pretext to do sth

    Example: A slight fall in profits gave the management a pretext to get rid of some older members of staff.

2. surgeon (n.) a doctor who is trained to perform operation involving cutting, usually in a hospital

3. entry (n.) the right or ability to go into a place

    gain entry ( = succeed in entering a place )

    Example: We had to remove the lock on the door to gain entry.

    refuse/ deny entry

    Example: Officials have been refuced entry to the two camps.

    (n.) the act of entering a place

    Example: They are charged with illegal entry into the US.

    no entry ( = an instruction, especially one printed on a sign, that people are not allowed to go into street, area, building, or room )

    (n.) the process of becoming involved in a situation

    Example: America's entry into the war

When interviewed by the director, he had to fabricate a tale of his medical experience, but he was so adroit at lying that he got away with it.

4. fabricate (v.) to make up a story or piece of information in order to make someone believe something that is not true

    Example: The defence accused police of fabricating evidence.

5. get away with sth ( = to manage to do something bad without being punished or criticized for it )

    Example: They have repeatedly broken the law and got away with it.

    get away with doing sth

    Example: How can he get away with speaking to her like that?


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