1. fract- = to break

    fracture (n.) a break or crack in a bone

    Example: She was admitted to hospital with fractures of both legs.

    refract (v.) to cause ( light ) to change direction when passing through at an angle

    Example: Light is refracted when it passes through a prism.

    infraction (n.) [ formal ] a situation in which someone breaks a law or rule

    Example: an infraction of the rules

2. bio = life

    biodegradable (adj.) biodegradable substances can be broken into very small parts by bacteria so that  they are not harmful to the environment

    biography (n.) a book that someone writes about someone else's life

    symbiosis (n.) a close relationship between two different things or people from which both gets benefits

    symbiotic (adj.)

    Example: a symbiotic relationship

3. syn = together ; with

    syndrome (n.) a medical condition that has a particular set of effects on your body or mind

    Example: patients with respiratory distress syndrome

    synthesis (n.) ( plural syntheses ) a combination of different ideas or styles that forms a new idea or style

    synchronize (v.) to make two or more things happen or move at the same time or speed

    Example: The synchronized explosions brought chaos to the city centre.

    synchronize sth with sth

    Example: An editing unit is used to synchronize sound with images.



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