3D: dangerous, difficult, dirty

3C: consumer product, communication, computer

handling and shipping fee 運費

1. pro- = many; much; in favor of

    productive(adj.) making or growing things in large quantities, especially so that they can be sold

    EX. During their most productive period, both mills were controlled by the Marling family.

    profit(n.) money that you make by selling something or after you have paid all your business costs

    (n.)[ formal ] the advantage you get from a situation

    EX. No profit lay in that line of thinking.

    (v.)[ formal ] to give someone an advantage

    EX. I think we have reached an agreement which not only profits management but also labour.

    (v.) to get an advantage from a situation

    profound(adj.) very great

    EX. The difference between the beginners and the intermediate class was profound.

2. sym- = together

    symbol(n.) a picture or shape used to represent something

    symphony(n.) a long piece of classical music played by a symphony orchestra

    symposium(n.)[ formal ] a meeting where experts discuss a particular subject


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