People need cholesterol to maintain your sanity.

1. cholesterol  [kəˋlɛstə͵rol] (n.) a substance in your blood that can cause heart disease if you have too much of it

    Example: There are many food products that claim to reduce cholesterol levels.

    low/ high in cholesterol

    Example: Avoid fatty foods that are high in cholesterol.

2. sanity (n.) the ability to think and speak in a reasonable way and to behave normally

    doubt your sanity ( = think you may be mentally ill )

    Example: I was beginning to doubt my own sanity.

    keep/ lose your sanity ( = remain/ not remain in good mental health )

    Example: John knew that if he want to keep his sanity he would have to escape.

    (n.) behavior that is reasonable or that people expect

    Example: The manager had tried hard to bring sanity to the situation.

3. peri- = around

    periphery  [pəˋrɪfərɪ] (n.) the outer part of an area, very far from the center

    on the periphery of sth

    Example: Each republic occupied a territory on the periphery of the Soviet Union.

    perimeter  [pəˋrɪmətɚ] (n.) the outer edge of an enclosed area of ground such as field or airport

    peripatetic [͵pɛrəpəˋtɛtɪk] (adj.) involving travelling to different places and staying for a short time at each place, especially in order to do a job

    Example: a peripatetic teacher

4. inter- = between; among

    interact (v.) if two or more people interact, or if one person interacts with another, they communicate with one another and react to one another, often while performing an activity together

    Example: In large classes, children feel that they cannot interact with the teacher properly.

    (v.) if two or more things interact, or if one thing interacts with another, they affect or change one another in some way

    Example: Researchers want to know how these gases interact.

    interaction (n.) the activity of being with and talking to other people, and the way that people react to each other

    Example: I enjoy the constant interaction with people from other departments.

    Example: Jobs that involve a degree of social interaction are usually more satisfying.

    (n.) the process by which different things affect each other or change each other

    Example: the interaction of these two medicines

    interactive (adj.) an interactive computer program, video etc reacts to the information and instructions that you give it

    (adj.) involving people communicating with each other and reacting to each other

    Example: A child's development is an interactive process.

    interactively (adv.)

    intercept (v.) to stop, catch, or take control of someone or something before they can get to the place they are going to

    Example: We intercepted a message sent from a business firm in Paris to the Hague.

    interval  [ˋɪntɚv!] (n.) a period of time between two events

    Example: The normal interval between our meetings is six weeks.

    Example: Payments are to be resumed after an interval of several months.

    at regular/ monthly/ 10-minutes etc intervals

    Example: Progress is reviewed at monthly intervals.

    (n.) a short break between the parts of something such as a play or concert: intermission

    (n.) a space or distance between two things

    at intervals 1 sometimes

    Example: It may be necessary to stop at intervals and go back over key points in the lesson.

    2 with spaces of a regular length

    Example: The route was marked with yellow paint at intervals along the way.

5. mal- = bad

    malnutrition (n.) a medical condition in which you are weak or ill because you do not eat enough or you do not eat enough of the right foods

    maltreatment (n.) violent or cruel to a person or animal

    maltreat (v.) [ usually passive ] to be violent or cruel to a person or animal

    malformation (n.) a part of someone's body that has not developed normally and is an unusual shape

    malformed (adj.) badly formed or shaped


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