"Up to now I have never kissed you."

She was as scarlet as if he had put the thing most indelicately.

"No─more you have," she stammered.

"Then I ask you─may I now?"

"Of course, you may, Cecil. You might before. I can't run at you, you know."

At that supreme moment he was conscious of nothing but absurdities. Her reply was inadequate. She gave such a business-like lift to her veil. As he approached her he found time to with that he could recoil.

1. scarlet [ˋskɑrlɪt] (adj.) bright red in color

2. indelicate (adj.) [ mainly literary ] rude and likely offend people

    indelicately (adv.)

3. stammer (v.) to keep repeating a sound and have difficulty in saying certain words because of a speech problem, nervousness, excitement etc: stutter

    Example: Nina, blushing with embarrassment, began to stammer.

    stammer out (phrasal vb) to say something while stammering

    Example: The boy managed to stammer out a description of his attacker.

    (n.) [ singular ] a speech problem that makes you repeat a sound several times when you try to say certain words

    Example: an insecure young man with a slight stammer

4. inadequate  [ɪnˋædəkwɪt] (adj.) not enough or not good enough for a particular purpose

    Example: We are trying to provide basic education with inadequate resources.

    Example: Existing laws are inadequate to deal with these problems.

    Example: The government's response was condemned as totally inadequate.

    (adj.) someone who is inadequate does not feel confident that they can deal with the situation they are in

    Example: Some people feel totally inadequate when faced with new responsibilities.

    inadequately (adv.)

5. recoil [rɪˋkɔɪl] (v.) to move quickly back from someone or something frightening or unpleasant

    Example: She felt him recoil from her.

    (v.) to feel very strongly that something is frightening or unpleasant

    Example: She recoiled in horror at the thought of it.



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