1. anthro- = human

    anthropology  [͵ænθrəˋpɑlədʒɪ] (n.) the study of human societies, customs, and beliefs. Someone who studies anthropology is called an anthropologist

    anthropological (adj.)

    anthropoid  [ˋænθrə͵pɔɪd] (adj.) an anthropoid ape or other animal is very similar to a human

    anthropocentric  [͵ænθrəpəˋsɛntrɪk] (adj.) considering human beings to be the center and purpose of the universe 認定人為宇宙中心的

    Example: Early societies thought that the universe was anthropocentric and that the sun, moon, and stars were created merely for human benefit.

Some left-handed children start to stutter when they are forced to write with their right hand.

2. stutter  [ˋstʌtɚ] (v.) to repeat the sounds of words in an uncontrolled way when you speak because you are nervous or have a speech problem

    Example: Richard stuttered a reply and sat down, his fase red.

    (n.) [ singular ] a problem in speaking that causes you to repeat some particular sounds more than you should

    speak with/ have a stutter

    Example: When I was small I spoke with a stutter.

3. disagreeable (adj.) not pleasant or enjoyable

    Example: disagreeable-looking

4. illiterate  [ɪˋlɪtərɪt] (adj.) someone who is illiterate cannot read or write

    illiteracy (n.) the state of not being able to read or write

    Example: problems such as illiteracy and poverty

5. amuse (v.) to do or say something that other people think is funny or entertaining

    Example: Her stories never fail to amuse me.

    (v.) to keep someone interested or entertained, so that they do not get bored

    Example: We need something that will amuse a 10-year-old for an afternoon.

    amuse yourself

    Example: Don't rush - we can find something to amuse ourselves with until you get here.

    amused (adj.) entertained or interested by something

    Example: an amused expression

    amusement (n.) a feeling of being amused

    Example: Much to everyone's amusement, someone hid his clothes while he was swimming.

    amusing (adj.) funny or entertaining

    Example: an amusing article/ comment

 sour expression 臭臉

 give her own way in everything 給她所有她想要的


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