Do you think English will always be the international language?   

    Yes. We can discuss this issue with focus on several aspects. First of all, English is easy to write. Second, the Hollywood's movie and the pop music in US are swept by dozens of supporters. Last but not least, people have already get used to it that English has been the universal language so many years, and it's hard to change our stereotype.

    English is the most widely spoken language in the world. What makes English being used on commuication so frequent? That could result from the convenience it brought. For example, you just need to use 26 characters then you can form any word you want in English. Further more, people are feverish about the Hollywood's moviestars and the singer such as Lady Ga Ga, and their fans around the world are probably interested in English in order to have more connection with their idols. Moreover, we were instilled the concept that learning English is useful for our career in the future. That makes English has more second language speakers than native speakers.

    According the reasons we talk above, English will still be the international language in recent years. After all, whether English will always be the international language or not, it's better for us to learn a language than not learn it at all.


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