Now, equipped with a rigid head covering he can sally forth to face the elements.

1. rigid (adj.) not easily changed

    Example: a rigid class system

    (adj.) done or applied in a strict and unreasonable way

    Example: rigid control over behaviour

    Example: rigid discipline

    (adj.) stiff, hard, and difficult to bend or move 

    Example: The door is made from galvanized steel with a rigid frame.

    (adj.) not willing to change your ideas, attitudes, opinions etc

    Example: Both sides have remained rigid in their resolve.

    (adj.) unable to move because of a strong emotion such as fear or anger

    Example: I only had one chance ─ this was live television ─ and I was absolutely rigid with fear.

    rigidity (n.), rigidly (adv.)

2. sally (v.)[ literary ] to leave a place to go on a journey or for a definite purpose, showing confidence and energy

    Example: Every afternoon she sallied forth to do the shopping.

3. forth (adv.)[ literary ] away from a place

    Example: Go forth and spread the word of God.

    (adv.) forwards or out

    Example: Her first novel brought forth the scorn of critics.

4. elements (n.)[ plural ] the weather, especially wind and rain

    Example: The hoad provides added protection against the elements.

Some prisoners planned a disturbance while others would sally toward the gate.

5. disturbance (n.) an occasion on which people behave in a noisy or violent way in a public place

    Example: There were serious disturbances in the city last summer.

    (n.) something that interrupts you and stops you from continuing what you were doing

    Example: We have a lot to do today, so we don't want any disturbances.

    (n.) the interruption of a pleasant, claim, or peaceful situation

    Example: We are concerned about disturbance to residents from the nightclub.

    (n.) the act of making something move

    Example: Any disturbance of the sea bed would be disastrous for the fish.

    (n.) a situation in which someone's mind or body develops a problem and stops operating in its usual way

    Example: emotional/ behavioural/ psychiatric disturbance

    disturbed (adj.) affected by mental or emotional problems, usually because of bad experiences in the past

    Example: These are very disturbed children who need help.

    (adj.) extremely upset and worried

    Example: I am very disturbed by the complaints that have been made against you.

    disturbing (adj.) making you feel extremely or upset

    Example: disturbing images of war and death

    disturbingly (adv.)

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