Mr. Dorsey summoned a representative group of teachers and student leaders to his office in order to elicit their reactions to the suspension of the football captain.

1. summon [ˋsʌmən] (v.) [ formal ] to officially order someone to come to a place, especially a court of law

    summon sb to sth

    Example: He was urgently summoned to Washington for consulation.

    summon sb to do sth

    Example: She has been summoned to appear in court for non-payment of taxes.

    (v.) to ask or order someone to come to you

    Example: Maria summoned a waiter and ordered a drink.

    (v.) to arrange a formal meeting and tell people to come to it

    (v.) to ask for something that you need in an emergency

    Example: Phone this number if you need to summon help.

    Example: A fire crew arrived, took one look, and summoned an ambulance.

    summon or summon up  to manage to produce a quality or a reaction that help you deal with a difficult situation 鼓起(勇氣);振作(精神)

    Example: He couldn't summon the strength to carry on fighting.他使不出力氣來繼續搏鬥

    Example: She could barely summoned up a smile. 她勉強擠出一絲笑容

2. elicit [ɪˋlɪsɪt] (v.) [ formal ] to make someone react in that way 

    Example: The question elicited a positive response from 60% of voters.

    (v.) to manage to get information from someone 套取(情報)

    Example: Their research had elicited very little so far.

    Example: After much questioning, he elicited the truth from the boy.

He told that cheating was a pernicious disease that could not be tolerated at our school.

3. pernicious [pɚˋnɪʃəs] (adj.) [ formal ] very dangerous or harmful, especially to someone's moral character

    Example: The dictator's pernicious rules failed to intimidate the leaders of the underground.

He loathed having to discipline Art Krause so severly, but unless strict measures were taken, the student body will construe the incident as an open invitation to cheat with impunity.

4. discipline (v.) to punish someone for something they have done wrong

    Example: the role of parents in educating and disciplining children

    Example: The strikers were disciplined by management. 罷工者受到資方的處罰

    discipline yourself  to train yourself to behave in a particular way, especially to work regularly

    Example: He tried to discipline himself to read two books a week.

    (n.) the practice of making people obey rules of behaviour and punishing them if they do not

    Example: It's the teacher's job to maintain discipline.

    (n.) the ability to control your own behaviour

    Example: Their attention wandered and they lacked their disciplined to learn.

    disciplined (adj.) well organized and following rules or standards

5. construe [kənˋstru] (v.) [ formal ] to understand the meaning of something in a particular way: interpret

    construe sth as sth

    Example: Please do not construe this as any criticism of yourself.

    Example: She hoped that we would not construe her decision to run for office as a thrist for power.   


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