Mr.Dorsey, our new principal, determined to do something about the flagrant cheating at out high school.

1. flagrant [ˋflegrənt] (adj.) done in an obvious way that shows you do not care if you break rules or offend people

    flagrantly (adv.)

He issued bulletins and began to admonish those teachers who did not proctor alertly.

2. issue (v.) to announce something or give it to people officially

    Example: The banks have issued a warning that charges are likely to rise sharply.

    (v.) to officially make things available for people to buy or use

    Example: A new range of stamps will be issued to commemorate the event.

    (v.) if you issue someone with something such as equipment, you give it to people, usually officially

    issue sb with sb

    Example: After the briefing I was issued with two weapons.

3. bulletin [ˋbʊlətɪn] (n.) a short news broadcast ; an official statement about something important

    (n.) a magazine or newspaper that a club or a organization produces regularly to give information to its members

4. admonish (v.) [ formal ] to tell someone that you do not approve of what they have done

    (v.) to advise someone to do or not do something 

    admonishment (n.)

    admonition (n.) [ formal ] a warning about someone's behaviour : admonishment

We tried to ignore her acrimonious comments, but that took considerable restraint.

5. restraint [rɪˋstrent] (n.) the limit or control of the expression of strong emotion or opinion

    Example: The President sent a letter to both nations urging restraint.

    (n.) an act of limiting or controlling something, or a situation in which this happens, especially in business or politics

    (n.) something that holds you and physically controls your movements, often to protect your safety

    Example: mandatory seat belts and head restraints

    (n.) the act or process of stopping the free movement of a person or the free progress of an activity

    Example: He left of his own free will and not under restraint.

    exercise restraint 

    Example: We need to exercise restraint on spending. 我們需要壓縮開支

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