As tangible evidence of the attack, he pointed to a deep laceration over his eyebrow that had required ten stitches.

1. tangible [ˋtændʒəb!] (adj.) important and noticeble

    Example: tangible evidence

    Example: The scheme will bring tangible economic benefits to the area.

    (adj.) [ formal ] something that is tangible is something you can touch

    Example: His hostility was almost tangible.

    tangibility (n.), tangibly (adv.)

2. laceration[͵læsəˋreʃən] (n.) a deep cut in someone's skin

    Example: She had lacerations to her head and back.

    lacerate (v.) [ formal ] to make a deep cut in someone's flesh

    lacerating (adj.) capable of upsetting someone or hurting their feelings very much

    (adj.) capable of cutting or damaging someone's flesh

When the case was brought before the court, the judge castigated Mullins for the sordid incident.

3. castigate [ˋkæstə͵get] (v.) [ formal ] to criticize someone or something severely

    Example: He was castigated as a racist by his opponents.

    castigation (n.)

4. sordid (adj.) immoral, dishonest, or unpleasant

    Example: I don't want to know all the sordid details.

    Example: a sordid secret/ story/ affair

    (adj.) dirty and ugly

    Example: a shabby boarding house in a sordid street

The medic reached into his kit to find a bandage for the ugly laceration.

5. kit (n.) a set of tools or equipment for a particular purpose or activity

    Example: Cyclists should carry a repair kit.

    (n.) all the pieces necessary to put something together such as a model car or aircraft



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